After Alice – Mourning – Single Review

After Alice

After Alice is an Indie Rock duo hailing out of South Carolina. Steve Fennell and Jason Crowden make up this indie act that is writing songs like crazy and working their way up in the industry. Reminiscent of ’90s power rock, this group of indie rockers have a strong potential to last for the long haul. They’re songs have a familiar sound, but with a new alternative feel that hasn’t been heard before.

“Mourning” is one of the songs the band is pushing on their Soundcloud page. First impressions: It’s very low in volume. To me it sounds like it needs a little better mastering. I listened to a few other tracks on their page and those seemed much louder and more present.

After Alice’s songwriting is very powerful. The instrumentation blends perfectly into the soundscape that allows the lead vocals to shine. Speaking of lead vocals…they have huge potential! I say that because to my ear there are quite a few misplaced and out of tune notes. When the vocals are on they are ON! When they are not it hinders the track. They’re more good than not, but in the future I would highly recommend being a bit more critical of the background vocals while recording.

After Alice – Mourning

Overall the duo sounds great and I’m excited to hear their growth, not only as songwriters but a group. My only real criticism for the tune “Mourning” by After Alice is the pitch of some of the vocals, in particular background vocals. But I leave the song with a memory of the raw rock drive, as it’s enjoyable and easy to listen to.

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