Armored Theory – The Fact Remains – Review

Armored TheoryInto metal? I am. In fact, I’m REALLY into metal right now. Armored Theory is a metal band from Williamson, NY, and they’ve recently released a new project called The Fact Remains. This band is obviously working hard and they’re doing a great job at their image, including their artwork. I’m going to tell you my thoughts about their new project and I’m going to warn you first: I may seem be a bit hard on this band but it’s because I truly believe in their potential.

Armored Theory – The Fact Remains

Their debut album includes 7 new original songs plus a remake of an older single as well as a Chicago cover of “25 to 6 to 4.” I am truly a fan of this style of music and my initial impression is that the band has talent. With some hard work they could quite possibly be one of the better bands to come out of New York State in this genre. Overall the production of the project is pretty good. Of course, it can always be a little better, but I think the final product is on par with most serious indie albums put out today.

The album starts out with a short intro track then goes right into “Press.” Let me say that the “idea” of this track is great but I’m not sure if it’s delivered well. My main concern right off the bat is the guitar tracks. They don’t seem to be in rhythm all the time. At times they’re almost sloppy. The guitar player sounds like he’s really good and I think paying a little more attention to detail when tracking may alleviate this issue. Again, I like the idea of the tune but I think it could be reworked a bit. One part that really stands out to me is when the tune completely changes directions in the middle with some major rock hits and a guitar solo which are actually pretty cool.

“Gingerbread Man” is another example of great intentions yet somewhat sloppy delivery. Please don’t think that I am ragging on the band because as I said before I think they have some major potential! Talent is one thing, but production and mixing is an entirely different animal as we often state in Indie Music LIVE. “Wendigo” is getting closer to how I personally think the band should evolve. Of course, I’m just reviewing the music and not involved with the creative side. The guitar lick is much more catchy than others. I also enjoy the odd time signature. The band does get really tight in many sections of the album and it’s obvious the band has serious skill.

I’m curious to know what you think about this potentially great metal band! Please hit them (and ME!) up on social media and let your thoughts be known! Also, please let the band know that you heard their music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support this website and indie music of all genres!

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