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Silhouette Cities

Silhouette Cities – Featured Artist

Silhouette Cities They say they hail from the Mid-Atlantic simply because the band is spread out over a few cities on the east coast. The band is currently playing random gigs in and around that area, but hope to do more soon. They released No Worse For The Wear last year and boy is it […]

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Radio Drive - Kevin Gullickson

Radio Drive – Featured Artist

Based in St. Paul, MN, Kevin has hibernated over the winter and is gearing up to release some new music as he explains in the video below. I mentioned before I have known Kevin via social media for a few years now, and through My business JoSara, Inc., I featured him on our old website. […]

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Me and My Shadow

Me And My Shadow – Review

Me and My Shadow is Randy Carrier and Andy Ussery. They are an industrial act based in Kansas City, MO, and they have a new record out called Binary Suns. If you’re into ’90s influenced hard rock with an industrial twist then I recommend you check out their music. Let’s dive in! Me and My Shadow […]

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The Ben Cote Band

The Ben Cote Band – Featured Artist

Ben Cote is inspired by the rock god guitarists of the ’80s & ’90s and they want to keep it that way. They’re part of a new generation of rockers bringing back an old sound with a new twist. Ben Cote (21) & co-founder Sam Mogel have been together for a few years now. They’re young and […]

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Ninth Floor Mannequin

Ninth Floor Mannequin – Featured Artist

When I first discovered 9FM I mistakenly called him by the wrong name on a podcast. His music is so recognizable however that when I was reviewing submissions I remembered it immediately having only heard the song “The Company” a few times previously. Amazing stuff. It’s even more amazing when you discover some of the stories […]

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John Favicchia

John Favicchia – Groove Drummer – Review

John’s website is a great place to go if you want to find out more about him or anything else related to drumming really. Need drum lessons? Boom! Looking to put on a new drumming clinic? Boom! Need a method book for a student? Boom! If you’re a drummer John almost has everything you’ll need right […]

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The Getbye

The Getbye – Featured Artist

Formed by two brothers 5-6 years ago, the band has been through some changes over the years but still emit the same positive vibes as always. Currently a 4-piece, The Getbye is booked for the festival season and is on the up and up in the Florida music scene. The band’s music is self described […]

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