Brand Partners Of Indie Music PLUS

Indie Music PLUS (IMP) is proud to display our brand partners below. We love working with individuals and brands in unique ways to achieve mutual growth. We’re always open to new joint ventures with smart, hungry, focused, and reliable humans…

Musicoin Foundation

Musicoin FoundationMusicoin (MC) is not just a revolutionary crypto-currency, it’s an ecosystem. MC enables Musicians to release their works, create simplified licenses, and get paid directly and immediately every time a music lover listens to a song. With blockchain and ‘smart contract’ technology, MC executes a usage contract along with a payment transaction – automatically and seamlessly. No industry intermediaries required. No monthly fees. So everybody wins!

The IMP/Musicoin joint venture will evolve over time, but some early aspects will be Charting integration via “Editor’s Picks”, MC Artist verification, and cross-promotion. Start kicking the tires today on this industry-shifting program, Register At Musicoin.

KnoDat Entertainment

Brand Partners - KnoDat EntertainmentThe most recent brand partners of IMP, KnoDat Entertainment is a Chicago based Entertainment company dedicated to promoting quality music, developing new film projects, and building unity in the process. KnoDat was founded in 2009 by Carlos “Big Los” Sandifer and Brandon “B-Eazy” Flowers, who is also an IMP critic.

The IMP/KnoDat partnership will begin with focus on Reviews and Charting for Mixtapes. You can now Submit Your Mixtape. …and you can also view the latest charts.

Strange Human Network

Brand Partners - Strange Human NetworkPlayfully termed “the website people deny in public”, SHN is the evolution of the slang dictionary. Some key elements that make it unique: Full credit to the author/creator of the words, Only original words, Digital fingerprint/copyright, and word usage in context across multiple partner channels. (Ad revenue sharing for word creators is another feature coming soon!)

The IMP Blog is one of the special sites where words/phrases from the Strange Human Dictionary are used in context! Make sure you’re sitting down first, then ingest the mental ecstasy at Strange Human Network.

The Daily SNOW

The Daily SNOWThe Daily SNOW began as a social media feed of quotes and interesting facts, but it has evolved into so much more today. With a growing team of curators, they have added the opportunity for all living creatures to submit their own ORIGINAL quotes to be published alongside historical legends. The Daily SNOW is also the exclusive partner of Strange Human Network, and they are the only social media feed that presents the Editors Picks from the Strange Human Dictionary.

The Daily SNOW is going to start aggregating the IMP Featured Artist posts to their Social Media feed in early 2017. You can submit your ORIGINAL quotes at The Daily SNOW website.

*Reach out to us on social media if you’re interested in becoming brand partners. Until then, drink plenty of fluids and make sure to change your underwear regularly.