Daze The Nomad – Review – Smooth Operator

Daze The Nomad ReviewI’ve often thought that rappers do not nearly often enough reference “the electronic document in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations,” otherwise known as a spreadsheet.

Finally an MC, Daze The Nomad, has the courage to talk about these electronic documents in song. That is exactly what the New Jersey rapper does on his latest single “Own It.” The song has a really nice mellow music bed accented by lush strings while Daze spits about the things he would like to own, most importantly his music career. And in the chorus he proclaims “It’s all over like spreadsheets.” If I had a chance to chat with Daze, I would ask “What exactly does that mean? Are spreadsheets not cool anymore?”

Daze The Nomad Review – Smooth Operator

All joking aside, however, Daze The Nomad is a hustler for sure. You can tell he works very hard at his craft. He takes the time to make sure the music is produced right. He takes the time to make sure his lyrics will match the beat he is flowing over. He also takes the time to make sure all the artwork for his singles look professional and top of the line. The way he presents himself is excellent. He definitely has the heart to be great and that comes across in his music. When he is rhyming, you can see his life and his experiences written on his face.

Daze grew up in the “system” on the East coast, New Jersey to be exact. Moving from foster homes to boarding schools to detention facilities, the struggle for survival caused him a lot of pain and hardship. But Daze used this pain to fuel his move into a music career. He came up in the late 90’s, studying the greats and hanging out with some talented MC’s. He got his first crack at recording in the summer of 2000 with good friend and mentor “D.O.” who showed him the ropes, teaching him structure and technique. It wasn’t long before Daze The Nomad started releasing his own music…

His 2013 release “Smooth Operator” is a great track with a really nice hook sung by a female vocalist. This track for sure will make you bob your head and dance along. The song tells the story of a drug dealer around the hood who “was getting more cheese than Green Bay.” I think even those of us not from Wisconsin know a guy or two like that.

You can see and hear a lot of Lil Wayne in Daze The Nomad. His flow sounds like Lil’ Weezy without the autotune. His delivery is solid and he uses a lot of inflection in his voice, a trait you don’t see many rappers use in these days of monotone delivery. He has a passion behind his flow that you can both hear and feel. You know he has truly lived the words he spits.

Although I love that he has a song called “Running Man”, being the 90’s rap fan that I am, Daze could come a little stronger with the hooks on some of his later singles including “Running Man” and 2016’s “Sure Ya Right”. If he got together with a solid hook writer, he has potential to make some really great rap tunes. Daze The Nomad is a professional. He is a passionate, hard worker. And I guarantee you he isn’t going away anytime soon because he’s “married to this thing like honey I’m home.” So hop on YouTube and show him some love because his music is NOT just for Microsoft Office fans anymore.


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