Dead Air Republic: Just Another Bullet

Dead Air Republic

Dead Air Republic is a metal band from Ottawa, Canada. They may have titled their explosive latest EP With Extreme Prejudice, but they don’t intend to harm anyone, at least physically. Although “Just Another Bullet” could make you think they’re used to shooting up the place!

A statement made by the band recently said, “We’re here for one reason: to give you music that will stomp on your balls”. Sounds a little painful but hey why not?!?! Not sure if I’m willing to experience some ball stomping, but I’ll give their music a shot.

On listening to the track for the review, let me state that “Just Another Bullet” doesn’t necessarily stomp on my balls, thank God. LOL. I personally like this kind of music and think that this is a good band, but the mix could use a little work.

The mids seem to be piercing my ears out. I personally like a warmer guitar tone, but what I hear in this recording is definitely doing the job! Other mix issues for me are that a couple of cymbals seem to be a little too hot and really overtake the music in certain areas.

Dead Air Republic – With Extreme Prejudice

 The vocals of Dead Air Republic are solid throughout. I didn’t get a chance to listen to any other tracks. I’m guessing by the consistency and quality of the vocal performance that the rest are just as good or better.  What makes Dead Air Republic stand out is the balance of classic rock/metal influences like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Pantera and Led Zeppelin. Metal has been around so long now that it’s nice to hear bands like Dead Air Republic showing us how to keep doing it, the right way.

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