• Who Is Indie Music Plus? We are Indie Music Plus! Our purpose in life is to promote Indie Music and make it the new normal for music listeners all over the world. Founded by JoeJoeKeys who later partnered with David Werba, IMP works with musicians all over the world.
  • Are Your Promo Services Real? All of our services are real and legit. When you promote your music with IMP you can be assured we are promoting your music to our networks of real and targeted indie musicians and fans alike. Great music will get great responses.
  • Why is the page load speed of the website a little sluggish? The original build in 2015 was unstable to put it mildly, and we did a total overhaul in early 2016. We’re building a custom hosting environment and plan to migrate the site in late 2016…and we assure you the site will be super zippy when complete!

More FAQ’s coming soon. Reach out to us on our Social Media channels if you have any more questions…