Freudz Couch – Dragonfly

Freudz Couch DragonflyFreudz Couch has officially turned into a household name around the Indie Music Plus pad. If you’ve been following our site for the past year, you know about this band and their musical comeback. Well, they’ve done it again with a new single called “Dragonfly.” Based in Sudbury, ON, Canada, the band’s sound has really grown on me and this is probably my favorite tune yet.

Freudz Couch – Dragonfly

Freudz Couch has 3 indie albums and multiple EP’s underneath their belt which were released between 1993-2003 which wound up on radio throughout the world and includes a Canadian Indie Motion Picture titled River Rats. An unlikely reunion took place in 2016 when the band recommitted to write and record new music for the upcoming May 2017 EP release which will include 5 new songs, 3 of which have already been released as singles.

I’m really starting to “get” the band’s sound. They list influences as Deep Purple, Led Zep, Genesis, etc., and since they’ve been playing, practicing and writing again I think they’re very close to not only defining but redefining their sound. David Werba isn’t far off when he mentions the “Ozzy Osbourne” vocal influences. I tend to agree.

Drummer Nik Paparo says, “This endeavor started off wondering if we can get together after so many years to see if we can still write a song, and several months later, through the power of social media which is completely new to us, here we are with an EP days away and a commitment to begin writing a new full album in the summer.” How amazing is that? It’s almost as if the cosmos has called them back to their true calling, music.

While speaking more about this unlikely reunion Nik goes on to say, “Weird, as there was no desire for the band to ever reunite. Less than a year ago a friend simply asked if we could put out some unreleased recordings from 20 years ago on the internet after hearing our previous albums. Instead of putting out old material, we thought why not just write and record 1 new song if we had it in us. We came to rehearsal not seeing each other for years completely unprepared, committed to starting fresh with jamming to see what would happen, and 3 of the new songs released were basically put together in a matter of an afternoon. Those were “Martha”, “Darkness” and a yet to be released song titled “Awake”. “Dragonfly” developed more recently over time with the most personal and emotional lyrics we’ve ever put together, albeit the music itself is one of our heaviest, if not angriest we’ve ever written/recorded.”

In a past review of the cover “I Don’t Care Anymore” I mentioned how much I loved the tone of the drums. I wish they sounded closer to that in this tune. I’m mainly talking about the toms in the beginning of the song. They sound looser and more droning, which in my opinion takes over the guitars in the mix for those particular sections. When the tune is grooving it sounds awesome. These guys haven’t skipped a beat getting their chops back. Guitarist Don Fournier’s riffs and licks keep getting better and are maturing. He has some killer solo time in “Dragonfly” also.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Freudz Couch is a band worth checking out. If you’re into Britney Spears or Ariana Grande then maybe sit this one out. If you like to rock, get out your horns and stick ’em up! SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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