John Jay – Featured Artist

John JayJohn Jay is an artist based in Atlanta, GA. He is originally from Houston and his story actually starts with comedy. His mother was/is a professional comedian and he grew up going to her shows and was instantly fascinated with the DJ’s that would play music at the show. John recently stopped by Indie Music LIVE! and had a chat with us.

John Jay – Featured Artist

Instantly in the Deeper with Dave segment Dave calls John out as a “baller.” This word has dual meaning as John Jay displays sharp skills in the studio, but he is also referring to John’s short-lived basketball career in college. In 2002 Jay began writing rhymes upon hearing Nas’s 1994 album Illmatic.  The music influence quickly began to fade away and he began to focus on basketball which landed him a scholarship to Mississippi Valley State University in the fall of 2004. However, due to his early interest in music it came back and “Sunday Music” was born.

“Sunday Music” is actually the first installment of a daily music theme that John is trying to create. He says he wants to create music for every day of the week…Monday Music, Tuesday Music, etc. I think one of the coolest points that John makes in his interview is how his mother used to light up the room with her words. He says “I knew what I wanted to do early on.”

Prairie View A&M University is where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication in May 2010. In 2006 after hearing Lupe Fiasco’s Food and liquor album, he immediately resumed his interest in music. Impressed by the creativity he began mimicking his style until he broke off into his own unique flow. Currently, John is working at CNN as a producer and is trying to do something live with his music weekly. He says “they’re mainly hole in the wall places” but ya gotta keep grindin’!

I’m excited to have John Jay as a featured artist and I’m curious to hear what YOU think! Make sure to get in touch with John Jay on social media and let  him know you heard his music here FIRST on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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