Mandabrat – The Sting – Review

Mandabrat Review - The StingAnnnnnnd the man MandaBrat is back. Born in Mutare, Zimbabwe, on March 27, 1979, he has become a household name around the Indie Music Plus block. We’ve reviewed several tunes by MandaBrat over the past year and you can find them by typing his name in the search box in the sidebar on our website.

Mandabrat Review – The Sting

At first listen the new tune submitted for review “The Sting” sounds like, well, MandaBrat! Every tune of his is well produced sonically and most are a house groove. No surprises on this tune. I must say though that there are a few points where harmonically I’m a bit perplexed. This happens quite frequently with house music and producers, and most club goers won’t necessarily pick up on this. I’m not sure where MandaBrat acquired the lead vocal track, but I’m going out on a limb to say he built the house track underneath the female vocals. When this is done the producer must be careful to match up the correct musical keys throughout to achieve musicality with the remixed house beat.

I’ve played around with taking lead vocal tracks from other tunes and rewriting music around them, or even more so had a vocalist sing the idea and I write around it. I get it. Unfortunately in this tune though, they don’t always match up pleasantly to my ears. However, at the same time, I understand producers and artists aren’t always going for the “perfectly harmonious” sounds either. So I’ve kinda been stuck on this critique for a while for these reasons. This is why we love interviewing artists LIVE as we get to hear more from them and their process!

The more times I listen to the track the more it settles with me, but in my “musical” opinion it needs some redoing. I think the main thing that throws it off for me is the bass track. When the bass is not in the mix, I can almost catch up with the harmony and how it relates to the vocal. Please understand MandaBrat is a great producer and I’m trying not to nitpick, but I couldn’t let what I’m talking about be the “elephant in the room” if you will, for this review at least. We have to keep it real here at IMP as honest reviews are a big part of what makes us who we are.

All in all, “The Sting” was a little step backwards for Mandabrat from my ears, but I sure as hell look forward to hearing his next step forward. He has hours of house music available on Soundcloud and can supply dance music to your house party all night long! Support Indie Music!


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