MandaBrat – Summer Rain – Single Review

Mandabrat Review

When I first clicked the link to “Summer Rain” by MandaBrat, I honestly thought I had clicked on a house music track from my own collection. I thought, “What did I do?”, then realized I had clicked the right track and got a little excited.

Why? Because I spent many years of my mid-20s in Chicago’s underground house music scene. Lego, Felix Da Housecat, DJ Sneak (who’s cousin I’m close friends with) were just a few I followed in the scene…so when “Summer Rain” started playing, I became instantly nostalgic.

MandaBrat Review – Summer Rain Chillaxin

This track sounds exactly like something I would hear a Chicago house music DJ spin. MandaBrat’s Frankie Knuckles influence definitely shows, and I have to say it’s mixed very well. All levels are where they need to be to switch focus on the emphasis of the changes in the track. I immediately noticed the bongo/congo drums and how they stand out, yet don’t overpower. They carry the beat as they should; smooth as silk.

The bass line comes in, with a hint of organ synths, and again I’m having fanboy flashbacks of sitting with my friends at Red No. 5 in Chicago, hearing smooth beats and chillaxin’. They carry the song for a bit until the next layer comes in, which is this quantized rattle and occasional cymbal build-up, placed just in the right place to keep things interesting. Throw in some echoed harder bongos as the main beat subsides a bit to bring us to the main melody of smooth jazz sax loops with a hint of those synths again, which almost sound like a mix of muted guitar and vibraphone mixed with some organ. I’m diggin’ it, for sure.

Yes, I’m a bit biased since this takes me back to my 20’s roots, but house music within its own genre is subjective considering it has to convey its chill vibe nature…yet each DJ tends to have their own distinct twist they add to it.

That being said, if there were only three words I was allowed to tell MandaBrat about his house music, they would simply be “You got this”.

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