My Cruel Summer – Lower Voices – Review

My Cruel SummerMy Cruel Summer is a New Jersey band formed by¬†Marc Del Giudice (Lead singer, Guitar) Brian Morelli (Drums) and Dave Ricco (Bass Guitar). I don’t know too much else about this “mysterious” band since they don’t have a website and from what I can tell only have a limited social presence. My first impressions are that the band has a solid sound. It’s a little rock, a little alt, a little Americana. They have recently released an EP called Lower Voices and I’m going to talk about the title track.

My Cruel Summer – Lower Voices

The guys in the band are clearly good musicians and it sounds like they are gelling pretty well together. “Lower Voices”, the title track, grabs me right away with the high energy rock groove. In the verses I really like the call and answer between the vocalist and the keyboard. Marc has a great voice and I can hear his passion right out front. The chorus is extremely catchy in the front end, but towards the back end I’m not sure how the melody is playing out. It could use a little more development I think. Overall though I’m really impressed with this band. I hear they’re coming out with new music soon and I look forward to it.

I think the band’s first EP Lower Voices is a great start to their discography. On the production side it’s quite good for an indie rock band. In my opinion it sounds a little muddy in some places, and I recommend the guys keep a closer ear on future song mixes. To me, it seems like some of the drums are a little loud or there may be some moderate frequencies clashing in some spots. Of course, I’m just being a bit picky here as the overall sound of the band is solid! If you’re into guitar driven gritty indie rock then I highly suggest you give My Cruel Summer a test drive!

I’m curious to know what YOU think about the music of My Cruel Summer. Get in touch with me on social media and let me know! Also, make sure to get in touch with the band and let them know you heard their music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres from all over the world!

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