Oceans In The Streets – Effective Immediately – Review

Oceans In The StreetsOceans In The Streets is an artist by the name of Joe Liska from Ottawa, Ontario, who’s determined to share his music with the world. He’s literally just starting out in his music career, by what I can tell, with the help of a drummer. Joe claims the song was recorded in his bedroom, which doesn’t really explain much these days…but it definitely has that raw sound.

Oceans In The Streets – Effective Immediately

Now, Joe says on his website “This song is my introduction. It was recorded in my bedroom and remotely with the help of Masseeh Radfar; an incredibly talented drummer… If you’re on this site then you’re one of the first people to have ever heard this song! I’m gauging interest to see if people would like to hear more and if I can make a career out of this.” Here are my thoughts…

I’m torn on this one I have to admit. The guitar playing is pretty good, the song is actually pretty good too. The drumming is fantastic and spot on. I must say tho, I have some serious issues with the vocals. Now, I know this is just a feeler song to see if Joe can do this successfully and I believe that he can. However, he is going to have to work on his vocals or his vocal recording techniques.

Everything is “there” but there is definitely some fine tuning to be done. Simple things like making sure and double checking that all the instruments are in tune before recording. The recording sounds pretty decent for a home recording, but to take it to the next level will require some tweaking. Do I think he can do it? Absolutely! He does have a decent sound that, with some growth, could be pretty amazing! I highly encourage him to keep writing songs. An artist, even one who’s testing the waters, should have more than one tune available for listening.

I also have to say that Joe is taking a smart and noble approach by reaching out to some blogs for the unbiased feedback that is crucial in the early days. Valuable feedback often speeds up the maturation process of an artist as I’m sure it will with Oceans In The Streets. I’m curious to know what YOU think about Oceans In The Streets. Get in touch with him on social media to let him know what you think and make sure to tell him you heard it here on Indie Music Plus first! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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