Pretti EMAGE – Featured Artist

Pretti EMAGEPretti EMAGE is just a fancy way to say Pretty Image. That said, it’s more than fancy enough to set these two sisters apart from the rest!! When I heard these girls I stood up and took notice of their sound more than anything. Then, when I realized their ages I was absolutely blown away.

Pretti EMAGE – Featured Artist

It’s extremely rare to find talent this young and this good (ages 14 and 16). It’s even more rare when they’re sisters. Officially formed in 2016 and based in Tampa Bay, FL, they have had a passion for music and dancing since a very early age.

As I tell my piano students, talent is nothing without hard work. This seems to be something that these young ladies understand inherently. They’re just coming off a high of winning an Indie Music Award for Best Female Artist of the year.

The girls say they are a duo because they are sisters and both really talented, so why not? They’re also really close. In fact, while we were prepping the show in the virtual green room and even in the Deeper w/ Dave segment, it’s almost like they’re more twins than just regular sisters. I mean this in the sense that they were literally filling in each other’s sentences throughout the whole night. Perhaps they rehearsed a bit what they were going to say, but it’s just not possible to rehearse conversation that spontaneous.

The whole journey started at a birthday party where the girls decided to perform their first single ever “Fame.” Everyone at the party was blown away and wanted to know who’s song that was and they were like, ours! The rest is history and also history in the making. In the past year and a half the girls have been traveling, doing shows and also working on a new project.

I’ve got to say, Pretti EMAGE is a standout featured artist to which I haven’t seen in a long time. They have a VERY promising future and I’m sooooo excited to see where they end up! You’ve seriously got to watch their interview with Dave and get a feel for what they’re like. I’m curious to find out what YOU think about Pretti EMAGE! Get in touch with them on social media and let them know that you heard them here first on Indie Music Plus! As always thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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