Sergio Lialin – Album Review

Sergio LialinSergio Lialin is a singer/songwriter from California. His style definitely stands out from the pack of music we have reviewed on Indie Music Plus up until now. His music is perfect for meditation, yoga or deep thinking. Don’t expect to be starting any dance parties while listening to Sergio’s music, but if you enjoy laid back Hawaiian style acoustic tunes this could become a new addition to your playlist. His new project is titled Siempre, Mi Amor or “A Tragedy, affair, and unexpected encounter.”

Sergio Lialin – Con Su Ayuda (With Your Help)

Sergio’s album cover states that it contains “Songs With Sweet Medicine For Your Life.” His music is calm and healing, and very pleasant to my ears. Sergio is good at what he does, but I wouldn’t normally pop this in the music player first. Having said that, Sergio’s music has the potential to be loved by millions. “Con Su Ayuda” isn’t breaking any new ground in the music scene, but it has a nice familiar sound (see Cat Stevens). People who like the mellow side of music are going to dig hard on Sergio.

The production on  “Con Su Ayuda” is surely professional. I can hear all the instruments and vocals perfectly. The song is a bit long for my personal taste and I tend to lose interest within 2 minutes if a song doesn’t “grab” me. I think this song would benefit from some rearranging and have it edited down into a 4 minutes or less version. I appreciate the artistic vision of songs that are longer, but for me to truly enjoy it I need to be hooked the entire 5+ minutes.

The Crystal Heart

In “The Crystal Heart”, the feel of the music doesn’t seem to change much but it’s obviously a different song. I honestly think that this album would be great for a Yoga session. I think this is one of his intentions because Sergio definitely has a strong vision for his music that he is executing quite well. With lyrics like, “I send these prayers to the four directions” it’s obvious that Sergio is on a spiritual journey as well with his music. Even though this isn’t necessarily my genre of choice, I have immense respect for Sergio and his music. I’m sure he connects many people with his positive spiritual message.

Again, Sergio’s music wouldn’t fit at Party Central on Saturday night and I’m sure he knows that. However, Sergio’s music can still fit beautifully on Saturdays, but for a quiet night at home! I can’t find any “fatal flaws” per se in his music. Other than it being very mellow the entire time, it’s easy to listen to and reflect. The Crystal Heart is a prime example.

Arpo do Universo (The Harp of the Universe)

This is my favorite tune to be reviewed this time around for Sergio Lialin. What makes this song for me spark and stand out is the lady voice. This adds so much flavor and distinction to the song! “Arpo” starts out with about a 15 second single tone that fades into nothingness…then the song picks up with the addition of Sergio’s voice accompanied by an unnamed woman vocalist. The best part about “Arpo” is the fact that the beat picks up to a wonderfully energetic tempo after about a minute.

If you are drawn to the New Age/Spiritual genre and have an interest in musical meditation and yoga, then please support Sergio Lialin. You can pick up his latest 8-song release on Bandcamp. It comes in an eco-friendly jacket with artwork by Anderson Debernardi. You can also get unlimited streaming of Siempre, Mi Amor via the Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads in MP3, FLAC and more. Thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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