Skeleton Creek – The Deal – Review

Skeleton Creek review

Skeleton Creek is a guy from Oklahoma making music from the heart. Founded by singer/songwriter Robert Davis, I found a blend of Alt Rock, Folk & Indie Country during my Skeleton Creek review. The debut album The Deal was released on Nov 15, 2016, and he’s not stopping there.

Finger pickin’ good, the title track “The Deal” is a song delivered from the soul of Robert Davis. The production is clean and clear and every instrument can be heard well. The mix is wide and sounds great. I am impressed with this song. Every time I listen to it I hear something different and it keeps my interest all the way through.

Skeleton Creek Review

Robert’s vocals and guitar playing are spot on. At times in the record he sounds a bit untrained vocally, but that’s part of the charm of the recording for me. In fact, it’s one of the things I really like about his voice. Although sounding a bit untrained at times, his voice always has a strong full tone. It is very hard for me to believe that this is his first EP…ever! Now, there are some things on the record that sound like Robert is a little green on things, but still, the quality and musicianship on this album is quite good.

A few noteworthy tunes on the record are the melodic “Dairy Queen” and the heartfelt “Why Can’t You See?”. It seems that Robert has a knack for hooky melodies that can stick around in your head for days. The clean sound of the recordings only helps with conveying the emotions of this late bloomer.

“Haunting Melody” is another great track on the The Deal. A mix between Rock and Indie Country, “Haunting Melody” sounds like Robert is remembering someone that was close to him. Sometimes the hardest things in life lead to the best songs. Even though Skeleton Creek has just released his debut album, and his website is already promoting a new release Smalltown USA slated for Fall of 2016.

If you like Indie Country Rock that focuses on the acoustic side of things, then I think you should take a listen to Skeleton Creek. His music has added some needed variety to my playlist over the past week and it will continue to do so.

Please take a close listen to Skeleton Creek and if it’s something you like please share and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!


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