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Ball Stomping is not so much a genre as it is an emotional response that stays true to its name. This is meant to rock your socks, and inspire you to action and movement. This type of music is meant to be delivered, fast and with as much power and energy as possible. Ball Stomping encompasses Hip-hop and hard rock, so the label can be used to describe any music that has a hard impact on your ears. This is a great way to describe music, that creates its own hype, and then lives up to it, by crushing all expectations. Melt your face off or inspire blood lust, ball stomping can meet all of your needs with one style.

Ball Stomping Music – Feel The Energy

Ball Stomping is a great accomplice, for events like working out, moshing, partying, and becoming inspired. The style features many different ranges of music, from Gangster Rap, to metal, to rock and roll. This label can be used widely, as it describes so many different types of music. The listener can feel this genre inside as the songs are played, and also is a pleasure to listen to with your ears. All around, this style and energy is a great motivator and always leaves you coming back for a replay, when more motivation is needed. Here are some Indie Music Plus artists that may initiate some stomping of balls…

Red Stuy

Red-Stuy – Featured Artist

Rapping since the age of 13, Stuy has been around the block so to speak. I didn’t catch his current age when I interviewed him, but I’m guessing he’s no “spring chicken”. I say this because we discussed a little bit of when he was rapping in the ’90’s. I grew up in the ’80s […]

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Dead Air Republic

Dead Air Republic: Just Another Bullet

A statement made by the band recently said, “We’re here for one reason: to give you music that will stomp on your balls”. Sounds a little painful but hey why not?!?! Not sure if I’m willing to experience some ball stomping, but I’ll give their music a shot. On listening to the track for the […]

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