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Southern Indie Rock is a genre attempting and succeeding at reclaiming its southern roots back from the pop country scene. With steel guitars and southern draw bars, it throws you back to a time when Johnny Cash ruled the air waves. While priding itself on mastering the old school methods, southern indie rock doesn’t lack a modern twist either. Having a contemporary perspective when telling stories from a southern voice, the genre clearly separates itself from today’s pop country.

Southern Indie Rock

No auto tune can be found in this genre, and it requires the artist to stay true to their talent. It’s mostly produced in a honest fashion. With just the artists and their instruments allowed in this genre, there are usually no fancy recording tricks to take away from the talent. Southern Indie Rock is undoubtedly one of the brightest genres in the music industry because of its ode to the old school, and its unique and modern twist. The genre is a great addition to any playlist, and can be used for anything, from parties to break up songs. Overall, the genre is quite pleasurable to hear and leaves even the most skeptical ear satisfied.

Jack The Radio

Jack The Radio – Badman – Single Review

Formed in 2005 as a collaborative project between roommates, Jack the Radio is the brainchild of seasoned songwriters George Hage and A.C. Hill. Sporting a vast array of influences, I would venture to explain their music to someone by saying, “It’s just amazing.” Truly indie to the core with many stops along the way is another […]

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