3D Rhythm Of Life – Fantasy – Review

3D Rhythm Of Life3D Rhythm of Life is a bilingual dance band based in New York led by drummer Michael Tate. They are a Latin tropical mix of funky salsa and Caribbean soul. They have had their new album Que Siga La Rumba played on all forms of radio, tv and other venues worldwide as well as the TV show Dancing With The Stars.

3D Rhythm Of Life – Fantasy

According to their website: “Drummer Michael Tate and guitarist Chris Amelar formed 3D in 1999 to write and perform music that is diverse, dynamic and danceable. While their recordings feature original material, live performances by the band also include inspired interpretations of a wide variety of popular songs.”

While listening to 3D Rhythm of Life, one overarching attribute came to mind. That is mere professionalism. Everything about their cover of Earth, Wind  & Fire’s “Fantasy” met or surpassed my expectations.  Though covering music from a band as legendary as Earth, Wind & Fire can be considered sacrilege by some, my guess is that this rendition of their 1978 hit would make the original writers proud. The song becomes revitalized by a shift in feel & overall vibe…

The band knows how to groove and sounds extremely versatile so it’s hard to pin this performance into one specific genre. This comes across as genuine fusion to me. I’m hearing some Stevie Wonder-type keyboard work, Al Di Meola acoustic guitar, Graceland bass lines, & a solid Afro-Cuban percussion section. Though there is no perceptible weak link in the group, the percussion section really stepped up in this one. Their execution of the feel really kept my interest level up & the momentum just right. The recording is so pristine that I had a bit of trouble believing that all of the brass parts were in fact real horn players. If there are no additional software horns in this recording, great performance everyone!

On the band’s Facebook page there are tons of videos, posts and live footage promoting their music. They truly look like an amazing band to see live. If you’re ever in the New York area and looking for some live music keep this band on the top of your list. Last but not least, the vocals are on par with the performance from rest of the band. It’s merely professional & pristine. The icing on the cake is that guitar solo. The comping from the rhythm section during the solo section is just right. I’d have no hesitation at all in booking this group for any appropriate event or venue. Nice work, all around.

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