610 – 12 Dimensions

610 - Anthony LipiraThe music of 610 is created by a man named Anthony Lipira. We have reviewed his music on the site before here. I’ve always had an appreciation of what Anthony is doing. He’s the epitome of “indie” and I sincerely appreciate that. He has just released a new album titled 12 Dimensions and I’m going to give my thoughts.

610 – 12 Dimensions

Let me preface this review by saying I get it. I get that indie musicians aren’t only on a budget of money but many times also on a budget of time. This latest project by 610 is what I would call “demo quality.” Meaning, it’s good as far as getting the overall project rolling, but I recommend Anthony to revisit a few things throughout this project. I’m not speaking about even the songs per say, I’ll get to those in a second, but overall the sound quality of the project is lacking (i.e. the mix). These days, if your sound isn’t crystal clear and easy to listen to (sonically), listeners are likely to turn it off even if they appreciate the songwriting.

“Fake Love” itself isn’t a bad song. In fact, it’s quite catchy and well written, but the mix quality doesn’t do it any favors. I love raw. Raw is good. However, if it’s too raw your ears are going to hurt eventually. After listening to “Fake Love” a few times I am singing it in my head, but I’m also remember the harsh cut the cymbals caused while listening. This tune is well written and I would say even ready for college radio if it had a little better quality mix. I don’t want to be too hard on Anthony because he does write some good tunes. I suppose my point would be to spend a little more time to get some rock solid compression/mastering on the recordings and you’ll get a lot more out of them both as an artist and a business person.

“Love Is Burning Me Away” is a song that ’90s rock fans will like, specifically Grunge, Post-Grunge, and alt-rock. The rhythm section is solid here. Great bass line that’s super tight and good drums. Check out the song “Plowed” by the band Sponge, that’s a similar feel I can see 610 moving more towards. Back to 610 though, the electric rhythm guitar is an issue here for me. The timing of the strums conflicts at times with the drum/bass which give the impression that the song is sometimes off beat. Re-recording this guitar track is recommended.

“One Last Glass Of Jack” is probably my favorite song on the new album. Not because I like Jack Daniels but because the song represents it well lol. This is a well-written song and it comes off quite entertaining. Anthony’s rocker voice shines here, and that deep grunge distortion is nice too. The acoustic rhythm guitar is solid here and doesn’t detract from any timing as in the last tune. This is a big takeaway from the 610 songs, to be more conscious of the guitar rhythm, specifically when it’s the electric. Fine tune the mix, master it, and this project reaches a new level!

I am curious to know what YOU think about the music of 610! Get in touch on social media and let me know. Also, make sure to let Anthony know that you heard his music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres from all over the globe!

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