Abby Sevcik – Featured Artist

Abby SevcikAbby Sevcik is a singer/songwriter with Chrome City Records and based in Washington D.C.  Abby has been writing music since the age of 7, striving since an early age to make music her career.  Accompanied by her jazz and pop-influenced piano playing, her music has a soulful and unique sound that we enjoy here at IMP. In fact, we enjoyed Abby’s music so much we decided to have her on our show Indie Music LIVE which you can watch below.

Abby Sevcik

Abby has independently released her Pop EP For Keeps which was a class project for a college friend. Also, she has written other songs recently including “Minutes Ago” which catapulted her into different genres, namely EDM. In 2014 Abby and Mielo, an EDM artist/ producer, released the hit “Surreal” which now has over 1 million streams on Spotify. Abby’s latest latest single, “Open Windows Closed Doors,” and its accompanying music video aren’t going unnoticed either! Watch the video below to see what we mean…

Abby’s track record is impressive so far right?!?! In Abby’s featured artist interview, we get to know her just a little bit better. For one thing, she reached D.C. via Tennessee and is originally from Iowa. Also, she sings in an indie rock band! In Indie Music LIVE! we feature Abby’s video “Open Windows Closed Door” which is beautifully choreographed with two female dancers throughout. David just reminded me as well to give a special shout out to music producer…Dylan Burns!

Abby says that her music career has been something she’s been working for a while now, but she still has a day job and is taking advantage of other opportunities as well. I encourage you to have a serious listen of the music of Abby Sevcik and get to know her better. It’ll be worth your time.

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