Across The Board – It Shouldn’t Be This Hard – Review

Across The Board

Across the Board (ATB) rolls as an award winning indie pop band that is diving it’s sound head first into the deep end of rock n roll. Jacqueline Auguste serves as the enigmatic front woman handling the vocals and guitar.

Across The Board – It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

Auguste is very engaged in the band she co-founded with Andy Ramjattain who plays bass. She also plays a few different string instruments and is the primary song writer. In addition, she plays a large part in the creative development of the film clips that the band puts up on platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. Ramjattan manages the equipment and staging of the band’s performances and videos. Supporting the two co-founders of ATB are Ben Healey wielding the guitar, Maratin Heller handling the keys, Kurt Dickson on the kit and Jessica Speziale and Shezell Weakes on backup vocals.

Influenced by fellow Canadian bands such as Mother Mother and Mariana’s Trench, they also look to US bands such as Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots for inspirations. ATB is a hard working band touring Canada, gaining new fans and being recognized. They won the Global Music Awards which is definitely propelling them in new directions.  They are not only musicians but also active vloggers. They have put out a tremendous amount of music on Youtube that is receiving positive reaction.

ATB recently released Sonic Boom and will be touring to promote their LP.  A stand out song is “It Shouldn’t Be This Hard” where Auguste sings “You never stopped to analyze… You never wanted me to monitor or scrutinize your time. It shouldn’t be this hard. I told you from the start. Why did you take the tome to open up my heart?.” Those lyrics bash into one’s mind. She is not messing around with this crumbling relationship. Healey’s guitar solo ripples with energy. Dynamic guitar playing built on high arching riffs slides into her vocals.

Auguste delivers her lyrics with clear, crisp intonation. She rocks the mic clad in black leather swinging her lustrous strawberry blonde waves while keeping up her end of the bargain with her own righteous guitar playing. She has a Wilson sister quality to her deft brassy guitar playing and her singing style. The background singers add harmony without being overbearing, they keep time to her beat. The bass rides shotgun with the drums as the song washes into a fuzzed out denouement. This band is tight, musically and lyrically. They are awash in maturity and professionalism. Check them out online at Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Youtube and Vevo.

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