Airwaves Spectacular – Hanging Lifeless Fall – Review

Airwaves SpectacularAirwaves Spectacular is an alt-rock group from Baltimore, MD. The band consists of Cyrus Keefer, Chris Tolentino and Kayla Rae. They have a new single out called “Hanging Lifeless Fall” and I’m going to tell you my thoughts.

Airwaves Spectacular – Hanging Lifeless Fall

First, I give them credit as they have only started up as a group less than a year ago. Second, they’re definitely original! Third, as David Werba frequently says, “I can’t wait for their NEXT album.” I mean this in the sense that I am enjoying what they are putting out, however, I think the best is yet to come. This is just a warmup. I like jazz, and I like the whole jazzy vibe around the tune. This tune would be perfect in a beatnik coffee shop. I’m positive college radio is going to eat this group up like candy.

In the tune “Hanging Lifeless Fall” I hear massive potential but I don’t think it has reached its boiling point yet. The song is definitely original, and the group has a unique sound. It’s pleasant to listen to and I would definitely listen to more tunes to get a more rounded out feel for the band. However, the mix can sound a little washy at times and it sounds like some of the vocals were rushed a bit.

When I say rushed, not in their delivery but more in the sense that they didn’t spend enough quality time on the vocal tracking. In particular, some of Kayla’s vocal stacks sound like they are off from one another both in tone and sibilance. Kayla has a great voice but I think she either needs a little training or a little more time in the studio to make sure and nail those melodies and notes consistently every take.

Overall the mix for the song is what it should be. As I’ve eluded earlier, to me it just sounds like the group is a bit green. Not in their own individual musical abilities and talents but as a unit. That’s why I said earlier, I can’t wait for their NEXT project. I hope I don’t come off as snooty when I say that because I mean it in the best possible way, and we always call it as we see it at IMP. This group has some talent and if the right direction is taken they have the potential to make some big waves in their own right. As always, thank you for reading and get in touch with Airwaves Spectacular and let them know what YOU THINK!

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