Alan Dreezer – We Have Come A Long Way

Alan DreezerWARNING! The music of Alan Dreezer is about to jump into your life. Once this happens you won’t be able to look back. This review is for Dreezer’s latest single and video, “We Have Come A Long Way.” Alan Dreezer is an Electronic Music/Singer-Songwriter from Chelmsford Essex.  He is currently recording his first solo album LONDON E12 which is set for release in 2018. His debut EP “We Have Come A Long Way”‘ was released in November 2016.

Alan Dreezer – We Have Come A Long Way

His new video, which you can preview below, is what I would call solid. First off it’s a great song, there’s no denying it. In fact, I feel like it’s definitely a song ready for radio. And I don’t ever throw those words around lightly either. In fact, Alan hit me up on Twitter when the video came out and I was instantly moved by it and contacted him to see if we could play it on our show Indie Music LIVE! It’s going to happen in the near future.

The video itself is also well produced. In the video, I can get a good feel for the emotions of Alan Dreezer when he’s singing. There is also some footage pertaining to the meaning of the song which also adds some variety. It’s not all just Alan singing. His voice could compete with some of the best pop stars of today if given the chance. I think Alan’s music is ready for Prime Time and pop success. The music is produced to present a certain mood and it stays steady the entire song giving room for the voice of Alan Dreezer to shine thru and get his message across.

I wouldn’t say I’m the best at analyzing lyrical meanings in songs, but what I interpret is that it’s a song about being in some sort of a relationship for a long time and he is reflecting on that. I could be off but that is what I get from it. After consulting with Dave “the fog machine” Werba on this, we feel there are some similarities in sound to past IMP featured artist Craig Raymo. I am very impressed with the music and branding of Alan Dreezer. A new name isn’t always easy to remember but you won’t have to worry about that with Alan Dreezer, he’s a true original. Thank you for reading and get in touch with Alan on social media, tell him we sent you!

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