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Alejandra is a budding starlet from Queens, NY. Rooted deep in her Guatamalan heritage Alejandra is a multi-talented singer, dancer, actress and songwriter. After having a latin song become a finalist for the John Lennon Competition and a song placed for MTV tres she decided it was time to step out into the spotlight, and Urban Mayan Life was born! The single “UML” is on it’s way to being a hit. You can watch the brand new video below. An anthem made for Latinos, this song is also has major appeal for the masses. A positive summertime anthem, UML is sure to please your ears as it did mine!

A student of LaGuardia Performing Arts School (Jennifer Aniston, Nicki Minaj), Alejandra was surrounded by creativity growing up. Coupled with summertime trips to Guatamala it’s almost as if Alejandra has been bred and groomed to be a level headed star by having a wide array of world experiences growing up and she’s not taking it lightly. In fact, she’s taking it very serious!! Her drive can be seen by just visiting her website . Take a peek! I enjoyed the videos that give you a glimpse into this urban Mayan.

I particularly like “Policia.” The production on this tune is tight…leaving the listener waiting for the blow out but it never really happens. Alejandra’s vocals are perfect over top of this production gem. The melody is simple but she is able to change it up throughout the tune to keep it more than interesting. In fact, I like this song so much I listened to both the english and spanish version multiple times in a row!! In my opinion, this song is destined for the movies.

So, I listen to tons of music. It’s my job and I love it.  It’s always a plus when I enjoy the music on the speakers! I’ll be honest, the tune “Rebels” didn’t catch my attention right away. I found myself drifting shortly after the song began…after about the 3rd listen I remember thinking ,”Wow this IS  a great song!” You know how sometimes it just takes a few listens for something to grow on ya? Yea, that was “Rebels” for me.

Although I can’t understand a single word in “Prisa” it’s the musical language that speaks to me. This song isn’t the highlight of the EP for me for obvious reasons, but the chorus is enjoyable and melodic. BUT WAIT!! “Hurry” comes through with the english version! LOL! It must be amazing to be bilingual. So, the English version makes much more sense to this uni-lingual guy.

Last notes:  Alejandra has her act put together. If I were you I would be looking for her to explode in the near future…maybe not in American per say…but probably here too. Connect with Alejandra by clicking on the social buttons below her Soundcloud profile to the left of this article and tell her Indie Music Plus sent you!

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