Alex Kinsey – Featured Artist

Alex KinseyAlex Kinsey is most noted for winning Season 3 of The X-Factor with his former partner Sierra Deaton. They were called Alex & Sierra, but they have since disbanded and now Alex is writing music on his own and killing it. Seriously, I’m a huge fan of Alex. This dude is immensely talented and I wish him the best that success can offer!

Alex Kinsey – Featured Artist

Alex is currently going by the artist name Kinsey, but according to him he’s still figuring things out on the branding front. He’s writing, he’s playing, he’s singing and he’s also playing in a band called Bo Talks. His new single “Simple” is his first real solo single after his X-Factor experience and we’re super excited that he decided to join us to show it off. I’m glad he did. Alex is the perfect candidate to be a featured artist on our website.

Alex is a really great artist that exudes ‘Star Power’ (just watch the video!), and he is clearly well deserving to be a past winner of a giant talent competition like The X-Factor. He does mention that he was a bit disappointed by the abrupt end of communication from Simon Cowell after the X-Factor experience, but admits that it was a truly amazing experience to be mentored for a short time by such a huge industry mogul. For the near future Alex is looking to release a new single and “keep it real” moving forward in his career.

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