Ali Hugo – This Love Is True – Review

Ali HugoAli Hugo is a Canadian singer songwriter┬áthat has been playing music since the age of 8. His single “This Love Is True” is the focus of this review. If you are into easy listening music with a twinge of 80s top 40 then keep reading.

Ali Hugo – This Love Is True

Ok, would you like the good news or the bad news? Well, here is the good news: Ali Hugo’s single “This Love Is True” is very close to a good love song and definitely has potential however, the bad news is that I don’t think it’s quite there yet as it seems that there is some evolution I feel needs to take place first.

Is there a market for the music of Ali Hugo? Absolutely! I think that with time and a little molding Ali could be a great songwriter and artist. Ali states in his bio “After 10 years of timeout, I began the writing, recording, engineering, mixing and mastering of my latest project.” I’m glad that people come back to writing music after a hiatus and I’m happy that Ali has found his way back. It is tough to come back though after 10 years, it takes some “re-programming”.

“This Love Is True” is an excellent start to getting back on the musical horse, but I think Ali needs to feel his way around a little bit more and write some new music as well. When the song starts out, the sound quality is noticeably lower than it should be which makes the instruments sound quite thin. Then, the vocals come in. Ali Hugo’s voice sounds like he’s trying to sing just a touch outside of what his range can handle. Dave and I discuss this often while critiquing bands on Indie Music LIVE…it’s good to experiment with vocal range in the studio, but the final recordings should stay within the range that is truly solid. The quality of the vocal track is also fairly low as I can hear lots of distortion at times. It sounds like there is a bit too much reverb and not enough compression as some notes are much louder than others which contributes to the distortion.

This seems to be Ali’s only single. I couldn’t find much of anything else on him online. This is probably because he is just (re)starting out and hasn’t yet been able to build a following. He is signed with a record label now called Mirage so hopefully this will help him find his direction. I’m surely looking forward to more releases!

I’m interested to know what YOU think of the music of Ali Hugo. Feel free to get in touch with me on social media and hit up Ali Hugo as well and let him know you heard his music here first on Indie Music Plus. As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support Indie Music Plus and indie music of all genres!

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