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Alison ClancyAlison Clancy oozes art and talent. An actress and dancer by trade, Alison decided one day that she would like to put out an album. Fast forward to now and we have this week’s featured artist. Introducing…Alison Clancy!

Alison is an American currently in Sweden working as a dancer and actress with a Swedish theater group. Why Sweden? Well, because she can, and she expands on this in the IMP video below. When I interviewed her for the feature on Indie Music LIVE I was amazed at her approach to making art. Alison describes herself as a “versatile and adventurous performing artist and creative director” on her Facebook page and I couldn’t agree more.

Alison Clancy – Psycho Tyko

To her music: She says that when making the album Psycho Tyko she didn’t aspire to make a certain type of sound or music. From what I have learned, most vocals were done in one take and the music was built around it without having to define the style or genre.

If you listen to the music on Psycho Tkyo, you will clearly see that Alison was not making this album to be on pop radio. And, that’s OK! In fact, I tend to lean more towards her type of avant-garde style music. Some songs have driving guitars, and others have a soft electronic dance beat. Either way, the music that is created is pure artistic expression.

You may not agree, but when listening to Alison Clancy don’t expect to just listen to the music. Plan to EXPERIENCE it. If you’re into Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, etc…this probably isn’t for you. You can expect something much closer to Shirley Manson from the band Garbage. If you want to immerse yourself in an artist experience, then by all means hit that play button! Let us know what you think about Alison Clancy, tweet us using the hashtag #IndieMusicLIVE and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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