All Poets & Heroes – Featured Artist

All Poets & HeroesAll Poets & Heroes is a group based in Syracuse, NY. We’ve reviewed their music before on the website. Click here to check it out. We hung out with Corey and Rob and found out more about this band. Corey says they try to write music about everyday life and the problems that can obviously occur. They don’t necessarily directly mention any issues in particular but rather take a metaphorical approach and let the listener apply accordingly. The band’s name incidentally is based on the book “Walden” so they’re not just touching the surface but trying to go deeper with their music.

All Poets & Heroes – Featured Artist

They admit that their influences are sort of sporadic, but in general I’d have to say Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, and Radiohead to name a few. Their upcoming album is called “Occhiolism” which is sort of a new word…well not really, but it generally means accepting your smallness given the span of the universe and life. It’s about accepting your place. The guys banter a little bit back and forth in the video below about how it is a positive thought. Why not take your extremely small span of life within the realm of eternity and make it the best!

Due to the pandemic, the future of playing live is definitely on hold for the band. They’re waiting for 2021 to see what happens and then hopefully they can start doing shows again…but time will tell. Mask up! Rob and Corey say as artists they’re trying not to slow down but they’re also trying not to be a “needle in a needle stack” by trying to hone their craft and setting up their marketing plan for their album that will release soon. I really like this group and I highly encourage you to check them out! Well, what are you waiting for?

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