Almost Awake Band Is Waking Up

Almost Awake Band

Let me start this review by saying that great music can be made by anyone at anytime in any place AND be any age! Let me introduce to you the band Almost Awake. The band Almost Awake is a group of teenagers hailing from Las Vegas. I’ll say right off the bat that there is something special about this band of youngsters. Their bio is well written and states “Formed in mid-2014 Almost Awake came together when virtuoso guitarist Grady Jones and stellar drummer Gabe Conover teamed up with longtime friend and gifted vocalist and songwriter, Vick Liano. Addison Egelhoff came aboard on rhythm guitar and finally Tommy Cochran on bass and a unique combination of styles and songwriting became the phenomenon which is Almost Awake”.

I am a long time professional musician and listener of music and this band grabbed me right away! Most anyone of any age can pick up an instrument, play music with someone else who also plays an instrument and say they play in a band. However, it takes some special chemistry for a group of relatively young musicians to CREATE new original music that has that something special. I believe that Almost Awake has that something special, or at least the beginnings of that something special!

The songwriting of this group is extremely mature and thought provoking. Grady’s guitar playing along with Tommy compliment the amazing vocals of Vick Liano, and more than once! The simplistic “Carry Me” with lyrics that speak to the soul evens out the beginning of the album “The Intruder.”

The songs “Paradise” and “Ocean Eyes” highlight the maturity of these young songwriters. To contrast the song “I Like Asians” shows a playful non pc song about how much Vick likes Asians. I love this tune and is probably the highlight of the album. If you are easily offended by some off the wall no offense intended lyrics you may want to avoid this one. If you like Asians, this tune is for you!! Besides the lyrics the tune is actually super catchy. Like I said, highlight of the album for me!

Overall this album is very good and one that I could listen to again and again. Instrument tones are professional and sound great. Constructive Criticism time…some of the overall master seems a little overdone. The recording sounds a little too hot at some of the high points of volume in the music there is some minor distortion especially during “Ocean Eyes.” The average listener won’t hear or be bothered by this but I have sensitive ears and it almost hurt, or maybe I’m a wimp.

I highly encourage you to follow Almost Awake to stardom, they’re well on their way!.


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