Alphonso Archer – Formula For Life – Review

Alphonso ArcherWhat happens when you mix pop, jazz, hip-hop and a life threatening¬†diagnosis? You get Formula For Life by Alphonso Archer. Wow. Just wow. This guy is so good. I’m excited to tell you about this new music so let’s dive in!

Alphonso Archer – Formula For Life

This is easily one of the best-hidden gems I’ve heard so far this year. Alphonso came up with the idea for Formula For Life after being diagnosed not only with Prostate cancer but also¬†arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Alphonso says “Formula For Life was conceived during my recovery phase in the summer of 2016 and represents songs that mean a lot to me. I have been blessed to have worked with the most amazing musicians and producers in various parts of the world to get this completed and for that I am truly grateful…”

Most of the tunes on this album are pretty good if not great. One of the highlights for me is the title track. Jazzy neo-soul is one of my favorite genres of music, period. That’s probably why I was attracted to the song “Formula For Life” first. It’s a sweet mix of Michael Jackson, Michael Franks and Stevie Wonder. If you’re into any of these three artists then you should hit play on this track NOW! It’s so groovy and easy to listen to. The chord changes are thoughtful but not over the heads of the average listener. I just can’t even describe how great of a tune it is. You should listen for yourself and let me know.

Alphonso’s music is right up there in quality as any of the top 40 artists today. It’s the perfect blend of jazz, hip hop and pop music. I seriously can’t get over it. As a music reviewer I hear tons of music, but when I first heard the title track of this album I contacted Alphonso right away. “You Don’t Even Notice” is another notable. It features a female vocalist who is really good, however I’m not sure I would have put that track first in the order.

“Bring You Back” is just another example of Alphonso writing some great music. It’s a little more on the reggae flavor sporting upbeat keyboards that makes it very danceable. Another well produced and easy to listen tune here! If you’re into horns and hits then “Let’s Keep Things Simple” is your next step in this amazing musical journey provided by Alphonso Archer. Wow, what a great project! In this one Alphonso really shows off his writing prowess. The syncopation underneath the smooth and floating vocal is comparable to some of the best in the industry without a doubt. “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” is another great track although I think I prefer the non-rap version. The tune talks about bees and honey and I think it’s making a statement about how we’re losing bees at a rapid pace due to massive deflowering of the earth.

So in closing if you are into taking an adventurous journey into the funky tunes of Alphonso Archer, then make sure you get in touch with him on social media and let him know you heard it here first on Indie Music Plus! Regular readers of the IMP blog I’m sure notice my rare level of excitement for this project. As always, thank you for reading and your continued support of Indie Music Plus and indie music of all genres!

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