Andrea Desmond – Featured Artist

Andrea Desmond - Featured ArtistAndrea Desmond is an extremely talented singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. I first ran across Andrea when I wrote a review on her new single “Inner Fire.” You can read that review here. I was so impressed with her music that I just had to invite her to be a featured artist. Much to my honor, she accepted!

Andrea Desmond

Andrea received training in songwriting under the guidance of her cousin Alan Menken, the multiple Oscar and Grammy-winning composer of such Disney classics as Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. I didn’t realize this until it was mentioned in the Deeper With Dave segment on our live-stream show Indie Music LIVE!…but it totally makes sense to me.

Besides that fact of her training and relationships to greatness, Andrea is a supremely talented and humble individual. Andrea received a degree in Music emphasizing composition and then hit the road playing in multiple bands collaborating with others. I can relate to her story as it sounds a bit similar to mine (minus the greatness, ha)!

As her about section states on her website  “After years of playing in other people’s bands, and playing other people’s music, she took the bold and courageous leap that all who aspire to follow their heart must do. She launched her solo career and fearlessly ran to her destiny.” I love this and I think her fans do too!

Ok seriously though, this girl is amazing and I can’t wait to see where she goes in the future with her career. I mean, when she moved to Seattle, WA and started performing she was named Seattle’s “indie pop sweetheart”. I’m hoping to see her really bloom into a serious power in the music industry. With her humble, hardworking attitude she is bound to be a huge success! Like Dave said, she’s on the precipice of greatness.

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