Andrea Desmond – Inner Fire – Review

Andrea DesmondAndrea Desmond. Remember that name…An-dre-a Des-mond. Previously known as Seattle’s “Indie Pop Sweetheart”, she is what’s known as a musical free spirit. Andrea recently came out with a new single called “Inner Fire” and I’m excited about. Here’s why…

Andrea Desmond – Inner Fire

I love what I do with Indie Music Plus. My day is filled with amazing indie music of all genres. However, some stand out more than others and this girl named Andrea Desmond just did that. She STOOD OUT. Andrea obviously has the drive to make it and is currently based in L.A. trying to make her dreams a reality.

Everything about Andrea and her music just screams out pop star. She developed her sound and writing style with producer Martin Feveyear (Presidents of the United States of America, Kings of Leon, Mudhoney). Andrea possesses a B.A. in Music with an emphasis in Composition so it’s no¬†wonder she is writing amazing songs. And that’s the thing, this isn’t her only great song. If you go to her Youtube channel you can find many other songs as well as live performances. Let’s just say this girl is versatile!

I could write thousands of words about her new single “Inner Fire”, but for the purpose of this review I have to make it much shorter. Mostly what I can tell you is that if you are into positive pop music that is well written and well produced, then you need to check out this single. Probably one of my favorite things about the song and Andrea’s music is that even though it’s well produced her voice always sounds very organic and natural. No auto-tune here folks! Another great thing about Andrea is that she can back up her recordings with strong performances. In the future I think that Andrea will separate herself from other “Divas” who claim they can sing by simply being herself and keeping her voice as natural as possible on future recordings.

I was so impressed with her and her music that before even releasing this review I have booked her to be a featured artist in early 2018 on #IndieMusicLIVE. So make sure to check that out! As always thanks for reading and please let us know what you think of Andrea Desmond. Also, get in touch with her and let her know that Indie Music Plus sent you!

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