Andrea Desmond – The Strongest

Andrea Desmond - The StrongestLA-based singer/songwriter Andrea Desmond has delivered a dazzling new EP that is brimming with optimism. With titles like “Keep On Going” and “Won’t Give Up”, it’s clear that Desmond’s mission is to inspire others to push forward in order to overcome adversity. Continuing in her electronic pop vein, “Brighter Than The Stars” displays an artist confident in her sound and place in the world, and ready to share that confidence with a larger audience.

Andrea Desmond – The Strongest

The EP begins with the song “The Strongest”. The first words the listener hears are “I’m giving it my best shot, babe”, softly sung over languid piano and guitar, reinforced by atmospheric white noise. In the chorus Desmond sings: “I pick up the pieces of my soul, and take back my light, to finally see I’m right”, the first of many inspirational passages to come. She pushes forward, declaring in the second verse “the day has come when I take back my life”. After another chorus, the music transitions to a bridge in which Desmond confesses: “not every day is perfect but I’m gettin’ there”, more evidence that despite past traumas, she will advance and be rewarded for her struggles.

“Keep On Going” continues this trend of forward progress.  “All the grey, cannot overshadow, all light rays, they’re the ones I find” Desmond sings, then telling the listener: “I keep on, keep on floating; I keep on, keep on going”, bringing the message of continued advancement to the forefront. As the song enters the bridge Desmond proclaims: “It all comes down to how you see it” and reminds the listener that perspective is everything, that all situations can be viewed through a positive lens in order to find a silver lining.

The third track of four, “Won’t Give Up”, is perhaps the most immediately upbeat, beginning with a danceable beat augmented by snaps and claps. “I won’t give up on ya” Desmond sings to a lover, supported by digital oohs and ahs. Production takes more of a center stage than lyrical content this time around, electronic beats and tones driving the song while the vocals swirl around the music. The message of positivity is still present, but this time the delivery is more sonic than lyrical.

“Inner Fire”, the last entry on the EP, begins with strong, layered vocals. Stark production allows the vocals room to breathe. As the song reaches the chorus Desmond sings “Inner fire, the fire burns to break through, inner fire, the fire yearns to renew” and the listener is given a sense that the cycle of healing is reaching a zenith. With her passion fully restored, Desmond is a force to be reckoned with. While the message of optimism is a welcome one, there is a sense that it becomes a well-worn lyrical topic by the end of the EP. More thematic variety could help assuage some of the redundancy in the lyrics, but the music does not suffer too much as a result. Regardless, it is clear that Desmond’s light has only begun to shine, and the world should keep an ear out for this rising star as she makes herself known.

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