Andrew M. Edwards – The Center Of The Sky

Andrew M. EdwardsAndrew M. Edwards is a musician/composer/producer from Illinois who is now living in L.A. pursuing his dreams full-time. If you’re into cinematic multi-genre composition in one collection then keep reading. On May 28th Andrew released his latest project called The Center Of The Sky which is now available on all digital platforms. Andrew describes his new release a “A somewhat spontaneous collection of 10 tracks, evoking a specific time and place in my life and introducing my aesthetic to L.A.”

Andrew M. Edwards – The Center Of The Sky

Before getting into the music, I want to also mention that Andrew came up with a VERY cool idea. After finishing this latest work he also enlisted ten directors and directing teams to choose a track as inspiration for a music video. How cool is that? His only request was that the video be science/environment or civil rights/social for its focus. To me that is a really exciting vision!

Leafing thru the tracks I am mostly struck by not only the quality of the tracks but also the variety of genres that are involved. Each track is definitely unique and could be heard on a movie or TV show soundtrack. In fact, you can hear Andrew’s music on tons of shows as background music. When you listen to this project, that is how you should approach it too. This is NOT a pop album. It’s a soundscape album.

Some of my favorite tracks include the title track “Center of The Sky”, “Triangulation” and “Starfield Tectonic” mainly because they are more rhythmic in nature. I love rhythm. Melody is cool too, but I really like rhythms. Another gripping aspect of Andrew’s music in general is that all the songs really enhance the atmosphere and not just add “noise.” Instead, it adds very thoughtful ambience.

“Center of the Sky” starts out with a verby guitar and keeps me interested in the way the orchestral sounds build. “Triangulation” is a little more poppy in nature and again I can hear it being played on a TV show or commercial. Once again another verby guitar takes center stage at one point which I really like. This tune is also cool because of the many different transitions within it. “Starfield Tectonic” is a little more techno in style with mostly electronic sounds. There is still a really cool guitar lick though! A movie about a hacker would probably work well with this one!

Who knows? You may have already heard Andrew’s music and not realized it! I encourage you to google him and see if there are any movies, documentaries or TV shows that you’ve seen with his music as he has already built quite the resume! Andrew has been a breath of fresh for me as an Indie Music reviewer and I’ve had a blast listening to his music. I hope you take a listen as well. I have provided the Spotify link above. Next time you’re exercising or on a road trip, pop in some Andrew M. Edwards! Make sure to search with the “M” because there are other artists out there with the same name.

I am curious to know what YOU think about the music of Andrew M. Edwards. Get in touch on social media and let me know! Also, make sure to let Andrew know that you heard his music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres from all over the globe!!

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