Ashlynne Vince – Featured Artist

Ashlynne VinceAshlynne Vince is a Canadian singer/songwriter who is now based in Nashville, TN, pursuing her country music dreams. She is currently making the rounds with her single “Go On And Go” and is winning hearts along the way. We happened to catch up with her on her 21st birthday for her Deeper w/ Dave interview on Indie Music LIVE! when she was relaxing at home with her family.

Ashlynne Vince – Featured Artist

I’ve gotta say, for a young lady in her early ’20s it seems as though Ashlynne has known what she wants to do for a long time. She’s even had some successes that most indie wannabes would be jealous of, and she’s playing out regularly in certain parts of the US and Canada. She’s constantly making new contacts in Nashville and is looking to get into some more singer/songwriter circles in the area to grow musically.

As far as her new single “Go On And Go”, she said it’s one of the few tunes that she hasn’t written herself. She just thought it was “her” and made it her own. She’s used to having successful songs because around 3 years ago one of her songs was charting on Billboard! However, she says that’s not why she moved to Nashville. She says, “I’m not exactly seeking fame. I just love what I’m doing”. She’s content with people just enjoying her work and not necessarily looking for the fame side of success.

Dave asked Ashlynne a great question in the interview about the path of Taylor Swift and how she started out country, making the point that there isn’t even a trace of country left in her sound because she has crossed over to pop completely. Ashlynne isn’t interested in writing pop music and loves country music so much that she wants to stay in that genre for writing. I’m curious to know what YOU think about Ashlynne Vince and her music! Get in touch with her on social media and let her know what you think and let her know you heard her here first on Indie Music Plus! As always thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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