Atomic Berries – Far Away – Review

Atomic BerriesVocalist Marjo-Reetta and songwriter/producer Mike Midas make up the electronic duo Atomic Berries. Based in Turku, Finland, the pair got their start in 2018 and have been providing their audience with beautifully crafted electronic music ever since. Their latest EP is titled Far Away and features 6 songs guaranteed to move your feet and hips.

Atomic Berries – Far Away

The opening track is called “Alive”. The song begins with stuttering electronic pulses and deep, booming robotic voice, quickly joined by a thumping bass-line, four-on-the-floor beat, and female vocals. Synths and pads fill out the arrangement and more drums, including snare, jump into the fray. The lyrics discuss overcoming past adversity and enjoying in the present, with Marjo-Reetta singing “I’m still alive / feeling alright my darling / yes I am / alive and kicking” in the chorus. The music is very comforting; it hugs the listener and lulls them into a feeling of deep relaxation and contentment. Overall the song mainly alternates between instrumental sections and the aforementioned chorus, which is fairly stylistically appropriate, albeit somewhat repetitive after a while. Ultimately the quality of the music is the saving grace because the music is able to give the impression of suspending time, making 7 minutes truly fly by.

The fourth song, “Passion For Life”, starts with effected-vocals hauntingly singing over a growing synth beat, slightly less relaxing than “Alive”, which helps get the listener pumped up. When the beat drops the groove is undeniable and overtakes the listener, with eighth and sixteenth notes being emphasized more throughout the song. This continues until a guitar-enhanced bridge drops the faster beat in favor of cut time, a device that perfectly brings the listener away from the main beat until a sixteenth note build-up brings us back to the chorus. Marjo-Reetta sings of her “passion for life” in the chorus, as the title suggests, with Midas providing deep backing vocals. A shorter song that packs more of a wallop than “Alive”, “Passion For Life” is another guaranteed club banger.

The final song on the EP, “Lahdetko-Tanaan”, is sung in Finnish as the title suggests. Skeptical Anglophones need not feel any trepidation; music is a universal language that crosses all boundaries, and the language barrier is not even noticeable. The groove is once again an all-encompassing experience; Midas’ detailed production creates a sonic soundscape that titillates the senses. Marjo-Reetta’s angelic vocals float over the top of the arrangement like a heavenly presence, augmenting the beat and adding a layer of comfort, the way a mother’s voice would soothe a child. As the song crescendos the beat transports the listener into the ether, finalizing the listening experience in the perfect way.

Far Away is a thoroughly enjoyable listen from a band just beginning to exhibit its prowess. From pulsing, sense-consuming electronic beats to soothing vocals, Atomic Berries is clearly hitting a stride and we should all be grateful for such enjoyable tunes.

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