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Automatik EdenAutomatik Eden is a duo based in Los Angeles, CA. Cela Scott and David Crocco have a new project out called “Madland”. With a Fred Armisen flair, David says it’s about the mad world we currently live in. We had a chance to catch up with the couple while they were in Cleveland. Cool people! I had a blast hanging out with them for the short amount of time allotted for Indie Music LIVE! If we had another 20 minutes or so, it may have resembled a Portlandia episode. Watch the video to see for yourself.

Automatik Eden – Madland

The group has put out tons of music in the past. They’ve been around the block in the music scene. David said this time they wanted to “do it right.” So they started saving some money and figuring out what exactly they wanted to do. With the help of Sean Beavan (NIN, Slayer) by golly, I think they nailed it.

Cela says, “I like good music. Whether it’s pop, funk, rock, etc.” and I think that statement personifies what they sound like. If you go from song to song, a specific genre doesn’t necessarily stick out but the broad range of influences is unmistakable. I would reiterate Cela’s point, they just make good music.

Some tracks are surreal, big and filled with effects and production…and there is the funk-flavored title track “Madland.” Filled with fresh grooves and horns, the entire tune is a literal blast to listen to. I was able to catch some live performances of the duo with a¬†full band on their Youtube channel as well. They back up 100% what they sound like in their studio cuts. That’s exciting! I highly recommend watching some videos because it just proves¬†their talent and extreme awesomesaucyness (yes, that’s now a word).

It’s obvious Automatik Eden are working hard at making careful choices on this project. Please take a few minutes and find them wherever you hangout online. They’re in all the normal places, just search the name – Automatik Eden. Yea, it has a “K”. As always, thank you so much for reading and SUPPORTING INDIE MUSIC

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