AV Super Sunshine – Review

AV Super Sunshine

Introducing AV Super Sunshine. AV’s story starts out like any other budding young musician. He started playing guitar at a young age and his musical future looked extremely bright, but something happened that he couldn’t explain, his motivation disappeared and he became frozen in time.

For 15 years he made no music whatsoever. AV wears his heart firmly on his sleeve, as he recounts the missing portion of his life.”I got really sick, I didn’t realize how sick I was. I kind of hit bottom in 2009, and that’s when I was diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome and bi-polar disorder”.

As a musician that went through a similar experience of “writer’s drought” I can relate to AV’s in a round about way. I didn’t get diagnosed with mental illness as severe as what AV went through but let me tell you that what AV is doing now makes it seem like he never even missed a musical beat. AV has jumped back into the music game head first and he’s making a HUGE SPLASH!!

AV has used his music for his rehabilitation by playing at open mics in a coffee house in Wisconsin, before quickly becoming the host. It’s a remarkable turn around for an almost recluse to being a full time rock musician and community activist. The single “Baby Goodbye” is an incredibly smooth gliding modern retro rock anthem that AV describes as a “healing record”. I personally am digging on AV’s music big time. My dad raised me on classic rock so I am instantly drawn to his music.

AV Super Sunshine – Modern Classic Rock

AV Super Sunshine’s music is definitely a unique mix of current pop flavors along with a distinct retro classic rock base. The best part of the music in my ears is the warmth. I am speaking of the tones of the record as well as the overall theme including the artwork. Warm, vibrant colors and pics make his website and his music a fun place to be.

Recently his single “Baby Goodbye” was charting at lucky #7 on the weekly Billboard Hot Singles Sales charts!! I like the single and am intrigued by the flow of his vocals. The song sounds so loose yet everything is so tight at the same time. Brilliant songwriting! The video is killer as well and can be seen below.

“Just Like Kurt” is probably one of my favorite tunes I have heard from AV Super Sunshine. Not only does it have a little higher energy than some of AV’s other tunes it brings a raw punk energy coupled with retro keyboards and sound effects throughout. This piece is magic to me! Another highlight for me is “Alien Abduction.” The music is weird and spacey but the beat keeps it going. As the vocals and guitars start to permeate the song it also comes alive with piano, vocals and organ resulting in an exceptionally groovy tune!

AV’s sound pushes the boundaries of contemporary rock by drawing from its illustrious past. Mixing classic rock strings that evoke the genius of Hendrix with the psychedelic vibes of The Doors, and diverse elements of Gospel / Urban Soul. AV has created what he likes to call “Modern Classic Rock” and Indie Music Plus is feeling it!

AV is doing the damn thing. His social presence is growing and has an ever increasing and rapidly expanding fan base all over the world. If you like classic and modern rock with a dab of David Bowie-esque flare then you really should check out AV Super Sunshine further. Remember, there is more to music than what’s on the radio and TV. Support INDIE MUSIC!


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