Ayden Graham – Featured Artist

Ayden GrahamAyden Graham is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in San Francisco, CA. When people think indie they often think of more “rock” or “alternative” style genres, but Ayden is yet another example of what we’ve been saying all along. Indie isn’t just a genre, it’s an attitude. It’s that desire to make something of yourself, by yourself and for yourself.

Ayden Graham

Ayden started his career as a busker, similar to past featured artists such as SydneyBlake and S.O.S. . Being a piano/keyboard player I’m fascinated with grabbing one’s guitar and going to play on the street. It seems fun and terrifying all at the same time, especially if your dinner is counting on it! It seems that Ayden has not only been a busker in the US but also in Ireland where he “sharpened his fiddle playing in the pubs and sang on the streets for his supper.”

Ayden classifies his music as “indie folk rock” and a balance of “soft and the heavy” is what he is striving for. “Wooden Bones” is a track that we featured off his new EP that was originally written about a mass Oak tree death that happened in California due to a tree disease. He related the death of the tree with the death of a relationship and decided to write a song about it. I like Ayden’s music. It’s simple and maybe just a touch green, but he is on a trajectory to do some great things. As I say to my piano students on a daily basis…”you’re doing great..JUST DON’T STOP!!” This is my advice for Ayden – don’t stop brother, just keep going and doing your thing musically and you’ll be successful! If Ayden can separate himself from other artists in his genre he will find huge success. Good luck sir!

I’m curious to see what you think of Ayden’s music. Hit him up on social media and us as well. Make sure to let him know that you heard his music here on Indie Music Plus first! As always thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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