B-Eazy – Back On My Feet – Review

B-Eazy - Back On My FeetB-Eazy is a rapper, MC, and master wordsmith from Chi-town USA. Some of the best music comes from Chicago and B-Eazy is no exception. I’ve always had a soft spot in my musical heart for this dude. He was one of the first guests we ever had on Indie Music LIVE! and he continued to co-host for a while and then sort of disappeared into the shadows…I didn’t hear from him much. I’m not sure if he was just taking a break from music or if he had life stuff going on, but either way he’s back on his feet to be exact.

B-Eazy – Back On My Feet

One of the things that is always noticeable about B-Eazy as an MC is his lyrical abilities. Honestly, I’m not huge into rap but (and I’ve said this previously many times) I have a special appreciation for gifted rappers that can make one think deeper than just the hook. His new track “Back On My Feet” is the perfect single for a “comeback” even though that’s not necessarily what is going on here. The track itself is high quality and well produced. I wouldn’t expect any less from him. My only beef with the track production-wise is the “pump compression”, which is used in this case to emphasis the bass is a little too much. Because of this compression trick the vocal levels seem to fade in and out more than they should, in my opinion.

Otherwise, this track is a winner in my stereo! I encourage you to listen to all the lyrics and try to keep up as B-Eazy is rollin’ thru them pretty quick. The chorus is catchy as well and will be easy to get to know and love. I’m excited that B-Eazy is back on his feet and making music again, and our entire critic team has great respect for his skills. This guy has something up his sleeve and I can’t wait to see him come to his full potential as an artist.

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