B-Eazy – Featured Artist

B-EazyThings are growing so fast here at IMP that I can hardly keep up. B-Eazy is a hard working hip hop artist from Chicago in which I have noticed and taken a liking to over the past few months. His lyricism is notable and the fact that he is doing everything himself as far as production & promo goes, I thought he deserved a Featured Artist slot.

You see, we keep track of our social shares here on the IMP website. Over the past 90 days (as of the writing of this article) B-Eazy has the number one shared article. We review his song “Must Be Da Drugz” a while back and our reviewer Luppy was impressed with his music, as were David and I.

So, the fact that B-Eazy is working hard and always releasing new material made him a prime candidate for a feature. And here we are! He’s a Chicago native that doesn’t just want to make some cool noises, he wants to tell a story in his music. He also loves sharing his world views through his songs.

One of the things I noticed right away about B-Eazy is he’s not only working hard at releasing new music constantly, but he’s also constantly working on growing his brand. We talked about this while chillaxin in our Facebook LIVE Broadcast. Branding is extremely important for indie musicians these days. What is “Branding?” It’s creating awareness of who you are and B-Eazy is killin’ it. For a few weeks after we posted his first review, I was constantly seeing him on Twitter in particular. He became active in our Facebook Group and did an excellent job at getting on my radar. Get in touch with this guy to network!

“What is the difference between an MC and a Rapper?” is one of the questions co-host David Werba asked. B-Eazy says he likes to consider himself more of a lyricist. He goes into detail about the differences and makes a stark contrast to what he is doing as opposed to the traditional MC hype-guys.

We’re proud once again to be featuring some high quality independent music on our website. We feel honored to be involved with so many amazing indie musicians. Indie music is alive and well!!

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