B-Eazy – The Lonely Stoner


In a city that has given us many brilliant beat makers and lyricists, Chicago should be very proud and making more noise for B-Eazy, one of their best underground MC’s. On his latest outing, The Lonely Stoner EP, B-Eazy shows us exactly who he is, what he believes, and what he can do with words when given the chance. And this dude is a legitimate wordsmith. He sounds a little like Big Boi from Outkast.

Okay, he sounds a lot like Big Boi. Even the music on “Peter Parker” takes us back to the golden Dungeon Family days of “Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik”. B-Eazy is no biter, however. Listen a little closer and you will hear his many other influences as well as his originality. On “Must Be Da Drugz,” B-Eazy flows with such a fluidity and ease over the minimalist beat, you can’t help but be sucked into his stoner stories.  Incredible wordplay abounds, with punchline after punchline. “If my words come out slurred, gotta read in between.” Followed by “My b**** ain’t no 20 but she still a 10 and that’s cool cuz she keepin’ it clean”. It takes true genius to slightly insult but still compliment your woman in the same sentence! That’s just the beginning of Eazy’s word games.

B-Eazy – Chicago Indie Music At Its Finest

He’s able to mention Sade, Rhianna, and Beyonce all within a few breathes as he brags of his daily escapades. Much love for the man that’s “getting tired of the threesomes”. Not sure how that happens. Maybe I need to move to Chicago? But I digress…B-Eazy also offers a variety of rhythmic delivery. Instead of getting stuck on one flow tactic, he is constantly changing it up. This is something that truly sets him apart from many of his colleagues.

Just listen to the track “Peter Parker” and tell me you are not impressed. Listen to his delivery and commitment to rhythmic diversity. Whether he is firing off eighth notes or sixteenth notes, he does so with metronome-like accuracy, never losing the beat. If rapping doesn’t make a living for this Chicago east sider, then he should take up drumming. That is a hard skill to teach and one that is often overlooked in the rap game.

On a side note, the true test of any MC, is can he or she freestyle? And if you are wondering about B-Eazy, the answer is a resounding YES!  The ideas flow from him easily. Maybe that’s how he got his name? You can tell that Eazy has been in the game for a while and truly in love with the craft. He is practiced and polished, even on his freestyle tracks. Check out his Soundcloud page for freestyle braggadociousness. Yes that’s a word.

I only have a few criticisms. His tracks could be a bit more consistent sonically. His Intro to the EP, while lyrically brilliant, needs another pass through the hands of the engineer to get a little cleaner mix, mainly on his vocals. And the only other thing I can say, is that his name is a bit generic. Searching for more information on him, I found a whole handful of other MC’s with the same nomenclature. His real name is Brandon Flowers, same as the lead singer for the Killers, so it’s a tough task to find the right identity when you have that strike against you coming right out the gate. The name issue is small potatoes though compared to the wonderful musical stew B-Eazy offers us on The Lonely Stoner EP.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this guy as he is sure to show up blowing smoke rings on your radio dial soon!

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