Bad Mary: It’s Bad, In A Good Way – Review

Bad Mary

Bad Mary and I are starting to have a history. You see, I like punk rawk. They make Punk Rawk. It’s a win win situation. I was super excited to see that they have released a new project. I think I actually screamed out loud like a little girl. Luckily, I was by myself. In all seriousness tho this is the type of band that will make any grown man jump up and down.

When I think of Bad Mary I think of pure raw energy. Every song is the perfect length and never skips a beat in the energy department. In fact the only break the listener gets on this 6 song excursion is the 2 seconds between songs. Just enough to catch your breath and keep moshing. Recorded by producer/engineer Matt Storm and assistant engineer Francisco Botero at Studio G in Brooklyn, these six gritty, explosive tracks go for the jugular with the high octane, freewheeling in your face energy Amanda, Mike Staub (bass/vocals), Bill Mac (drums) and David Henderson (guitar) bring to their unpredictable live shows

Bad Mary Origins

Unlike a lot of punkers who join forces because they just want to rage at the world, the superhero origin story of Bad Mary has elements of fun and academia. David is a professor in the drama department at Hofstra University. Every semester, he puts together a band with students who play a bunch of covers. The group started with David and his two students, Mike and Amanda. After some turnover, Amanda’s dad, veteran drummer Bill Mac, joined and they started off by playing covers of their favorite new wave and punk artists from several eras: Blondie, Ramones, Joan Jett, Green Day, Paramore and The Offspring. They also covered popsters like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus with punk edges. After a name change from Madame X, Bad Mary officially launched in 2012.

Killing Dinosaurs, Bad Mary Style

“Soap Box” starts things off and lead singer Amanda not asking any questions. It’s really nice to hear a well recorded female vocal with angst front a really tight band. Sometimes I could actually use a little more of that vox in the mix…I mean this girl can belt it. It’s obvious to me there has been some tremendous growth in this band since their last release. It’s amazing to listen to what has formed out of a school cover band. “Want What I Want” is next and the whole song is great and everything but I really like the abrupt ending after hearing Amanda hold a note for what seems like forever…I almost passed out waiting for her to take a breath, then I realized I wasn’t the one singing. This group is getting GOOD!!

In my opinion every song is the perfect length especially for this genre of music. I dig punk songs that don’t last for hours. 2-3 minutes is the perfect length and Bad Mary nails it every time. Speaking of short songs “Hanging Around” is all of 1:49.  Starting off with the classic “1! 2! 1 2 3 4!!” followed by the band echoing that rhythm this tune is purely awesome.  Short and sweet makes me hit repeat. “Next To You” takes a sweet little jaunt to Rock ‘n Roll land…but only for a moment. It’s nice to hear a song like this in the middle of all the punk anthems. I mean, this tune is punk too but it branches out a bit, especially in the “reggae flavored” bridge that is perfectly placed in the arrangement. “Suck To Be You” and “One More Song” round out this way too short release.

I understand the whole “make them wanting more” philosophy but seriously guys…WE WANT MORE!!!!!! Let us know what you think by commenting below! Also, make sure to get in touch with this amazing up and coming band via their website or social media and tell them I sent ya! In conclusions, if you like high energy raw female fronted punk rock Bad Mary is perfect for you. Go, listen…rock.

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