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Bahloo Smurf

Bahloo Smurf is a rapper from North Carolina that has a lot to contribute to the hip hop world. Bahloo has been in the rap game for about 5 years and is currently promoting his single “Commotion” feat. Yung Country. Bahloo sets himself apart from the rest of the hip hop world. Read on to see how…

Bahloo’s single “Commotion” combines different genres from the hip hop realm to create a unique track. The video for “Commotion” was dropped back in April 2016. Although he’s from North Carolina, Bahloo has done some significant touring through the eastern United States.

Bahloo is currently in the studio working on some new music and hopes to get on the road again soon. You can catch Bahloo in Fayetteville, NC at the National Biker Awards. This is a huge event over 3 days in which Bahloo will be performing each day. He says he’s not a biker himself but is excited to play the event.

Bahloo Smurf

If you ever get a chance to see Bahloo Smurf live in concert, he says you can expect a high energy experience! He wants the fans to enjoy themselves because as he says, “That’s what it’s all about”. One thing that is great about Bahloo is he truly understands the fan element to his music. He says the fans are what makes it worth it and he loves making a personal connection with each and every one. Bahloo also is a huge advocate against senseless police violence which he speaks about in his song “Open Your Eyes”, and you can hear it in the featured artist interview below.

If you like positive hip hop with a message, we highly recommend checking out our featured artist of the week Bahloo Smurf at his website HERE. Check out the video in this post for the song “Commotion” and please connect with Bahloo further. Let him know you heard his music here on Indie Music Plus.

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