Baneful Town – Flare Gun Eyes – Review

Baneful Town

Meeting by happenstance in the musical city of Montreal, the members of Baneful Town have created a lo-fi experimental singer/songwriter project based on love and youthful longing. Featuring the main duo of bassist/songwriter Marshal Herridge and singer Laura Fasanella, Baneful Town has an interesting backup crew of guitar texturizer Zach Bachand and producer/engineer Andre St-Denis of Bonneville Records. Together the group has crafted a wistful indie sound, each player filling in the missing spaces between one another.

Baneful Town – Flare Gun Eyes

The song “Flare Gun Eyes” begins with an uplifting acoustic guitar strum peppered with melancholy modality that hints at that bittersweet tugging-at-the-heartstrings feeling of falling in love with someone. A guitar heavy love ballad, the song steps into a more upbeat groove after the verse as a cheery whistled melody appears. The listener can picture this whistle being chirped between friends around a campfire under the shimmering summer stars.

While Herridge sings lead vocals in a tender whisper, Fasanella introduces her angelic backing harmonies in the second verse, further elevating this song into an indie folk duet. The lyrics are sparse yet intentional, and the mood of the musical arrangement is vividly colored with hues of blue and red. A languid and captivating string arrangement creeps in to the mix toward the end of the song that really envelops the listener in a whirlpool of warm fuzzies. The romantic lyrics are delivered with a sense of poetic brevity that makes the song feel like two people sharing a candid conversation together. Musical irony is created through the lyrical concept of flare gun eyes, a frightening and violent concept used to define the youthful innocence of falling in love. For example, playing on words in the ending lyrics: “With all the things we did and didn’t do, Your shot still made it through.”

Accompanied by an animated music video, this song resembles a softly soothing yet catchy blend between Coconut Records and Sufjan Stevens in its guitar arrangement and lyric writing. “Flare Gun Eyes” is a short song that is beautiful and enticing, yet feels like it could be longer in the best of ways.

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