The Ben Cote Band – Tight Jeans And Sunglasses

Ben Cote BandIf you’ve paid attention to our website over the past year or so, you’ve probably heard of The Ben Cote band once or twice. The band has been around for a few years now. We featured them here in the Spring of 2016 and they’ve just released a new album called Tight Jeans And Sunglasses.

The Ben Cote Band – Album Review

Ben Cote and his band have grown immensely over the past year or so. I still hear the southern rock influence (i.e. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, Brother Cane). But the biggest reference for me has got to be Aerosmith. A few of the tunes are dead ringers. Not that they are copies, but the influence just oozes. Ben is doing a great job on vocals too.

I made a mistake on one of our recent Indie Music LIVE! shows and said that they had a new singer. I was half right…they do have a new singer but Ben still covers most of the vocals except the acoustic songs. According to the band’s liaison┬áSteve Hebert, the songs were already recorded when they hired the new vocalist.

Like I said earlier the band’s music is maturing greatly. Let’s just say that Ben has started to grow out of his “green-ness” as a budding guitar player. I’d like to hear a little more melodic variety in some of his solos, but this guy can wail and he’s only going to get better with age. My partner David Werba stated that it may not be with THIS album, but he’s totally confident Ben will eventually do great things in the music industry. He’s just a winner and I agree with that. As a student of Berklee, Ben is learning everything he needs to be a successful musician for the rest of his life.

“Hollywood Angel” is a remake of a song the band had on an earlier project. I appreciate the new arrangement. It didn’t make me jump out of my chair while listening, but I appreciate it. I think I would have rather heard a NEW acoustic song…either way. The production is spot on and the background vocals are way cool. Sort of reminds me of “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”…moving on!

In my opinion, “Into The Sun” stumbles around a little too long in the intro for my taste, as I get bored easily. Then, the riff comes in and Ben can play a riff! I really enjoy the lead vocals once again on this one. Ben is really growing into his voice. Some of the effects could be mixed differently or something because I am hearing them overpowering the vocal in some places. It may be just my ears, but in no way does that mean he sounds bad, just a little “over processed” at points.

I believe I’ve heard “Horeshoes And Hand Grenades” on another project as well, but I think it’s been re-recorded. I love the riff/groove on that tune. After a few listens to the record I wouldn’t be surprised if “Tight Jeans And Sunglasses” and “Good Day” end up on a classic rock station or two.

Ben Cote and the guys are obviously working hard at perfecting their craft and I’m excited to be a part of it. I love providing online services for them when they need it. Ben just has this awesome light-hearted, gregarious, fun rocker vibe that is very infectious. I recommend giving these guys a chance if you’re into summer styled classic rock ‘n roll made by some hungry young men. As always thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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