Ben Cote Band – What The Doctor Ordered – Review

If you’ve been following the Indie Music Plus page for any amount of time the past 5 years, you’ve probably heard us talk about this dude Ben Cote. Ben has been working hard on his chops since he was in college and he’s clearly become an amazing guitarist. If you’re into ’80s hair rock then check Ben out. It may cause some to raise their brow when I say ’80s hair rock, but hear me out. Ben is a new generation of rockers. He’s been making his own path in the indie world for years now and he’s only getting better. He’s recently released What The Doctor Ordered and I’m going to go over a few choice tracks.

Ben Cote Band – What The Doctor Ordered

“Portrait Of A Girl” is a song that has tons of potential. It gels smoothly between the verses and the choruses and is easy to sing along with. Ben displays his prominent guitar playing per usual with a shreddin’ solo that he’s become known for. Overall the tune is a good one. One of my biggest critiques about it though is that the drums need to be bigger. Even if they’re going for a raw sound I get it, but I think they get buried in the mix a little too often.

“Doesn’t Mean A Thing” isn’t a new song. But, it looks like it made the cut for this collection. This tune is strong. Ben’s voice is strong and as usual, so is his guitar playing. This one is more for blues-rock fans. The main riff is just familiar enough sounding to get people bibbin’ and bobbin’. I think this is the best I’ve heard Ben’s voice. It’s exciting to watch and hear indie artists grow up! I think Ben will be around for a while. Not only is he a killer artist he’s also super humble and hard working.

“Come Fly With Me” is probably the most radio-friendly single in this review. I love the guitar riff, especially the intro before all the other instruments come in. It’s a classic Van Halen sound that almost brings Eddie back to life. Once again though, the drums. The drums are hurting a bit here, and it stuck out to both David and I. They seem a touch louder in this tune, but as I’m listening more and more it almost sounds like there weren’t enough mics to go around or something. I hate to say it after the album is released, but a re-mix would surely be helpful. I think with some small tweaks this song could seriously be in line for a TV/movie placement.

So overall Ben is a great indie musician, we know this. He’s been true to his vision from the beginning and even though he’s only a few years into his musical journey, he has the potential to be one of the greats. I think that he needs to keep his focus, but maybe also try sitting in to jam with some other bands as just the guitarist and not “BEN COTE”. I don’t mean that to sound like he’s arrogant by any means, but it might help him to grow his sound by sitting back and focusing on playing “in the band” as a guitarist and not having to always “be the band”. Also, I wish someone would give this dude about $50k and a solid month of PRO studio time. I wish Ben the best and I can’t wait to see what else he has to come for us! Let him know what YOU think!

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