Ben Rauch – Featured Artist

Ben RauchBen Rauch is a unique individual. He is an actor, comedian and musician. His music has sort of a comedic twist that you don’t see very often. When I saw his submission I felt he was a perfect choice to be a featured artist. His most popular song to date is “The Emoji Song” and he keeps running with it. Ben plays keyboards and keytar. He has a new album called Tales of the Turnpike because he’s from New Jersey….

Ben Rauch – Featured Artist

Ben says his song “The Emoji Song” is about how texting and how it can be weird because it’s so easy to misinterpret tone and meaning. Now, don’t expect to be emotionally moved to tears when listening to Ben’s music. Well, maybe tears of laughter…but either way you’ll probably be singing along after a few listens.

In the Deeper w/ Dave segment David compares Ben to Frankie Valli for his higher pitch and New Jersey roots. Funny story – Ben actually worked with him in the movie Jersey Boys. Ben not only works as a musician/songwriter/comedian, but he’s also an actor with some pretty heavy duty credentials including The Big Bang Theory. With everything that Ben is involved in he mainly makes his money via music as a Piano director/player in many different projects.

Ben is a very energetic character, and after you meet him you realize that he can only go FAST! 😛 Ben is coming out with a new album for this year as well as booking college gigs and making videos. His goal this year is to be touring because more than anything else he loves paying live. You can catch up with Ben on Youtube which is his main social channel, but he’s also on other platforms including Instagram. Check him out!

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