Bennett Hughes – Featured Artist

Bennett HughesBennett Hughes is a songwriter & producer originally from Canada and currently based out of Pennsylvania. His tune “Lost & Found” struck me as a surefire hit if it ever found the right promotion at the right time. Bennett has been working the music scene for years and is currently rotating time as a producer, teacher, and recording artist.

Bennett Hughes – Lost & Found

Bennett says he’s been working on his own music for 15 years. He also says it’s important to him to spread a little hope and positivity with his music. His love of big guitars and big drums aren’t going away, and he hopes to do it well into his geriatric years. Bennett’s song “Lost & Found” is just amazing. It’s the perfect blend of electro-pop with hooks and melodies than anyone can enjoy and grab onto. I have serious respect for this dude and you should too.

As you’ve seen from past featured artists I chose, I’m not looking for social media numbers or tons of plays. I’m looking for amazing indie music of all genres. I’m glad Bennett submitted and I’m hoping you will be too. CLICK HERE to submit to be a featured artist and get your visage unveiled in our show!

In the Deeper With Dave segment, Dave and Bennett get into a conversation about how early life musical influences can shape the music we make as artists ourselves. Bennett admits he listened to a lot of “weird music” growing up. For him it was from his mother, as she listened to Paul Abdul and ’80s female Pop artists. He also got into the regular bands such as Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, etc…but later in life Bennett is now proud he can still sing some old Madonna albums from top to bottom, ha! Bennett seems to have learned to embrace the process and the influences and as he says, “I’m just trying to make good music.”

Bennett says he used to play in bands, but nowadays he likes to be his own band. He says he wants to continue creating even though he is the only one writing, playing, producing, etc. “I have loved to create ever since I was young. I love to play and sing, and multi-tracking is always fun.” Please, check out Bennett Hughes at your earliest convenience…GO NOW! SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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